About Us

Since 2002, Greenwood Legal LLC has developed the most comprehensive and ever-growing network of qualified professionals and connects them with regional, national and global firms which will best satisfy their career ambitions. Our extensive experience and commitment to listening provides unparalleled guidance throughout the search and placement process.

Our Founder

Since 1995 Ken Greenwood has actively recruited professionals within legal marketplace. He began participating in business development search at the birth of the modern Legal Marketing model in the early 2000’s. As we all know, the growth within the industry has been extraordinary, and Ken understands implicitly how business development teams connect not just across the United States, but worldwide. Spanning his career, Ken has developed and maintained strong, long-lasting bonds with hiring authorities at every level, and enjoys unique perspective with regard to each firm's work-environment and corporate culture.

Ken earned his J.D. from Vermont Law School and his B.A. in Economics from the University of Massachusetts at Amherst.

To Our Clients

We feel strongly that success is not measured solely by placing candidates, but by whether a proper fit exists between each employer and candidate. Our philosophy is to concentrate solely on effecting high quality, successful legal placements, underpinned by professional, discreet and individualized attention to each client's goals. Integral to this process is to understand thoroughly our clients’ needs and effectively assess our candidate's for consideration, but also those who are truly interested in your opportunity.

We're committed to the success of the law firms we service, as well as to the people within these organizations. Developing and maintaining long-term relationships with our clients helps ensure that we understand their evolving needs and that our contribution is both meaningful and successful.

To Our Candidates

We appreciate the opportunity to assist you with your career advancement. We do our best to listen to your interests and advise you of appropriate opportunities that meet the goals of your search. Your confidentiality is our highest concern, and your information is only submitted for a position after receiving your express permission. We also do not “blanket” our employer clients with resumes. We send only those that meet specific criteria to ensure that resumes presented by our firm are given serious attention.

Areas Of Speciality

Business Development
Public Relations
Business / Competitive Intelligence
CRM / Marketing Technology
Graphic / Web Design


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